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Smaller classes plus on-site & in-class Speech Pathology support for students with communication

Dear parents

At Viva speech pathology we do Language Development Centre (LDC) school applications for different schools and areas depending on where you live. These are mainstream smaller sized classrooms and speech pathologists work on-site in the class and to train the teachers to work with students who have language difficulties but typical thinking skills (or cognitive development).

We have done successful applications for the schools located in Morley and surrounds as well as Padbury and Ridgewood. We have also done applications for families who live south of the river.

Above is an example of an open day that is being held on the 24th of July in Dianella. Parents can also read more about LDC information and for which students the LDCs caters for in this on-line brochure. If you need more information about Open days and services in other areas let us know on 9344 2900 or 0402 134 257.

You can also use these numbers or this email to book an assessment if you want to check if your child is eligible to apply.

Yours sincerely

Inge Gaudin

Practice Owner & Principal Speech Pathologist

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