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About Viva & Practice Owner,

Inge Gaudin

 Senior Speech Pathologist

(Human Communication Science) & Cert (B of Education)

Member of SPA 


"Following work in the government sector, I started Viva in 2006

 with passion to help people of a range of ages with communication difficulties.


It also allowed me freedom to provide the best evidence based practice for children and students. If your child is only accessing a limited amount of sessions and needs more intervention to improve, sessions via a private practice are ideal. Parents and clients have flexibility to attend when it suits them and to continue to attend to obtain the support they require for optimum success.  


Private practice has also allowed me the opportunity to offer unique services to adults who require treatment to improve their fluency, speech clarity and voice skills.


We look forward to assisting you. All the best in your journey towards optimum communication skills for yourself or your child!


Bookings can be made via reception on 9301 4128. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact me on 0402 134 257 or



'Viva' is Italian for 'May you live long!' - it is an exclamation expressing goodwill to you. 'Joie de vivre' is French for a philosophy of life of comprehensive joy.
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