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Complimentary Christmas story activity

Narrative skills refer to retelling stories. Children develop this complex skill gradually over time. They are usually already able to retell a story just before their fourth birthday. In order to do this task, students need age appropriate comprehension of the story, vocabulary and grammatical skills (ability to order words correctly in a sentence for their age level).

Narrative development has a direct impact on writing skills. If a student is able to recall and communicate the steps in the story verbally using character names, the setting, main events and problems in the story using connector words such as; and, because, but and so that, it will be much easier for them to carry out longer writing tasks expected from a Year 3 / 4 level of schooling.

If your child is close to 4 years of age and having difficulties explaining where they went and what they did to another parent or grandparent, or if a familiar story would be too tricky for them to relay, then it is a good idea to obtain a speech pathology assessment. If your child's narrative skills are delayed, we can provide some fun activities and advice to improve this skill before they need to learn to write. By working on oral language skills (i.e. what students say), we can prevent or minimise literacy difficulties, such writing difficulties.

Contact for a complimentary Christmas narrative activity. Please indicate if you would like a Rudolph the red nose reindeer / a Baby Jesus Christmas story.

To make an enquiry, you can contact: 9344 2900 | | 0402 134 257

Health fund & Medicare rebates may apply

5 Bulk billed sessions available in a calendar year with a Medicare referral for some cases.

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