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CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Hello readers,

Recently I recommended that a professional lady in her thirties go for a CAPD test after evaluating her comprehension skills. Interestingly, she obtained this diagnosis and is now working on her processing skills. It has been quite upsetting for her and her therapy involves some counselling around her difficulties and how she can manage and compensate for them. In a positive sense, she now understands why she has had unexplained and lifelong learning difficulties in primary, high school, during further tertiary studies and training, as well as everyday situations like exercise classes and Bootcamp.

Below are links for parents or adults who would like more info about CAPD. We work with children, older students, teenagers and adults with developmental speech, language or other communication difficulties. Often these adults have never received an assessment or therapy but they know they need help and self-refer.

Ordinarily students at age 7-8 years, obtain this diagnosis by an audiologist when they have normal hearing but difficulties nonetheless hearing the teacher’s voice over background noise in the class. There are some management and treatment options available.

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Websites about CAPD

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