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Medicare assistance to assess & treat Autism

Dear Readers,

Parents or guardians of children can obtain up to 4 Medicare rebates on Autism assessment sessions at Viva speech pathology, when referred by their paediatrician. If the child / student meets criteria for this diagnosis, they can access Medicare rebates on 10 therapy sessions over a course of speech therapy, when referred by their paediatrician. In total, rebates on 20 therapy sessions can be accessed via such a referral under the 'Helping children with Autism' program, providing that the plan is in place before the student’s 13th birthday, and that they attend these sessions before their 15th birthday. More information is listed below. Parents or guardians are welcome to call us on 9344 2900 or to email us on for more information.

We strive to support parents on this journey with as much practical support and information as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Inge Gaudin

Member of the Western Australian Autism Diagnostic Forum

Principal Speech Pathologist & Practice Owner

"Confident communication for life"

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