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Precious communication moments

As a parent myself of two little ones, I can really relate to this image showing a beautiful moment of communication! These are the moments of connection, that I find myself looking forward to each day so that I can commit them to memory and treasure them.

In our work as speech pathologists, my colleagues and I, seek to assist parents with moments of everyday communication such as interpreting body language, gestures and unclear speech or incomplete sentences. We show parents how to use evidenced based therapy techniques to help children to learn to communicate more effectively.

We are committed to giving parents as much information as possible before they start the speech and language therapy journey with their child. We are making ourselves available to talk to parents on the phone, in person at our clinic or in a day care talk so that their important questions are answered. This way, parents feel comfortable and fully motivated to attend an assessment and to start this journey, if necessary. Sometimes our role is simply to reassure parents that their child is developing communication skills as expected for their age.

If in doubt, feel free to call us with your questions on 9344 2900 or 0402 134 257. We are happy to give you preliminary advice and direction based on your concerns at present.

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