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Accent reduction action plan

Our accent often forms part of our national identity. Some our clients seek to reduce their accent if conversational partners in new social or work situations, find it difficult to understand them.

Recent research in our field shows supports the efficacy of accent reduction therapy. A 2017 research study by Behrman in the American Journal of Speech Language Pathology shows that twice weekly sessions had a positive effect over 5 weeks for Spanish speakers as evidenced by thirty native English speakers measuring ‘ease of understanding and accent’ on a subjective scale. In my experience working with professionals from different language backgrounds, the more intensive the therapy attendance and follow through of work provided, the faster the results in therapy.

At Viva Speech Pathology we strive to motivate our adult clients in many ways. Initially, it helps if we select high frequency target words and phrases in consultation with them, which are relevant to their profession and interests. These words are more likely to come up in their conversations and makes them feel confident when they can notice their improved speech clarity in conversations.

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